Half Lamb Packages

Half Lamb Packages

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Our Most Popular Package: Leg-2 half roasts, bone-in, Loin-chops, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-stew, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-ground.

Numerous Small Cuts: Leg-all in chops, Loin-chops, Ribs-chops, Shoulder-stew, Shank/Breast/Neck-ground.

Deboned Roasts: Leg-2 deboned roasts, Loin-chops, Ribs-chops, Shoulder-1 deboned roast and stew, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-chunks.

Variety Package: Leg-2 small bone-in roasts and 2 steaks, Loin-chops, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-2 roasts, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-ground.

Chops Chops Chops: Leg-chops, Loin-chops, Ribs-chops, Shoulder-stew, Shank/Breast/Neck-ground.

Bone-In Roasts: Leg-bone-in whole, Loin-roast, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-bone-in roast, Shank-whole, Breast/Neck-chunks.

Gourmet Pack: The best of the best. Leg-2 roasts bone-in, Loin-chops, Ribs-rack, Shoulder-1 bone-in roast, stew. 

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