Raw Honey, 190mL

Raw Honey, 190mL

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Raw Honey is honey the way bees made it, with all of its flavour, nutrients and bioactive substances. Bees pack honey with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agents.

Topsy Farms offers honey in jars by mail.

Raw honey is a pro-biotic, which enhances digestive function. The pollen in raw honey tunes your immune system to the local environment.

Our honey is extracted in small batches to retain the unique flavour and aroma each bee colony produces.

Raw honey will appear cloudy when compared to commercially heat-treated honey. Raw honey may also contain some flecks of wax. Raw honey will readily crystallize as it sits in the jar. The honey can be liquefied again with no loss of quality by warming in a water bath of less than 110 F.

This product carries the Topsy Farms Guarantee of Excellence.