Throw Size Wool Blanket, Dark and Light Grey Checkerboard

Throw Size Wool Blanket, Dark and Light Grey Checkerboard

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Checkerboard Wool Throws from Topsy Farms measure 54″x78″, half the size of a Queen blanket.


The pattern consists of alternating 4″ white and dark grey stripes on the warp. The weft is composed of 2 complementary 4″ bands of natural or dyed yarn along the length of the blanket. This is the only design now available.


They have many uses; some people take them to sports events, to picnics, and on camping trips. Some use them for décor at the end of a bed, or on a couch or chair. Others add them to safety and survival kits. For those who are convalescing, or who have poor circulation, throws can add extra comfort and warmth without the bulk of a full-sized blanket. Our customers continue to report new uses, including using the throws for meditation shawls. They are also suitable to use on a twin bed or a child’s bed.


Wool deters dust mites, mould and mildew growth, and is a renewable resource.


Topsy Farms blankets, throws, and yarn are processed from selected fleeces that have been washed in gentle soaps to preserve the wool’s natural softness. The traditional woollen mill that washes all our fleeces avoids using sulphuric acid and other harsh chemicals that are regularly utilized in commercial wool processing. This is why our wool is not “prickly” – the fibres are smooth and are softened by the naturally occurring lanolin – not broken and barbed as in most commercial wool products.


An affordable gift, throws are appropriate for use year-round: cool in the summer (pure wool “breathes” unlike man-made fibres) and warm in the winter (maintaining optimal body temperature). Topsy Farms blankets are unmatched in durability, comfort, and natural richness to last a lifetime. Our wool products are machine washable – if you follow our washing instructions


This throw features the Topsy Farms label - our sign that it is an authentic product and that it carries our Guarantee of Excellence.